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Get To Know Bumble Bee Digital Agency 

Established in  July 2018, Bumble Bee is a full service digital marketing and advertising agency. We design innovative creative solutions to reinvent how Caribbean advertisers connect with their audiences and inspire their audience to act. Although Bumble Bee is digitally led, the company has successfully executed several integrated marketing initiatives that include traditional media components. 

Since inception, Bumble Bee has designed and executed several digital campaigns for over 100 clients in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. These digital campaigns span across multiple devices (mobile phones, tablets & desktops) and platforms. Our services include social media management,  SEO management, magazine publication; online display & video advertising; content marketing; video production; radio commercial production, website design, app launch marketing strategy, planning and execution; event planning and execution; event planning; online surveys; email marketing and search advertising.

Our Brand

Ethical, Flexible, Innovative, Reliable, Meticulous, Data- Driven, Always Learning and Evolving.

Our Vision

To be the region's digital media leaders that uses the most up to date technologies to enable brands to effectively connect with their target audiences.

Our Mission

To reinvent how Caribbean advertisers connect with their audiences, and inspire their audience to act.

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