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Twitter: the new home of news?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

As you’re aware we’re living in a technological era. Everything is posted online; a baby’s birth, weddings, funerals even a kids first step. People have become obsessed with the idea of posting their every move online and others who don’t share in the posting are equally as addicted to looking at and commenting on these posts. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps growing; wider and larger. But is this really an issue?

With its aggressive growth over the years, social media has undoubtedly taken over the way we interact and view life. Everything is online, and once it is there, it stays forever.

Businesses have been taking advantage of this and using it to the best of their capability to interact with their clients and reach even further. Take for example, the wonderful platform that is known as Twitter. Over the last few years Twitters popularity has grown tremendously; being the go-to place to know what’s what and sharing your most random thoughts. It’s a place to be free and make fun, snarky comments. It’s also a great platform for growing your business and gaining traction for worthy tasks; such as GoFundMe’s and charity and organizations for donations.

On that note, let’s look at the president of the United States of America for example, Donald J. Trump. His tweets have always been a bit erratic and seem nothing short of the ramblings of a mad man or a spoil child constantly seeking attention from their parent, but recently, he has taken to Twitter to highlight the tension between Iran and the US.

Normally- well, in the old days- a president or a leader of a country would address the nation on a more official platform, such as a radio or television broadcast. Instead, in this age everything is tweeted, posted, reshared and so on and so forth.

The reality of the “impending” war mixed with how integrated social media is, is messing with people’s perception of reality. The simple display of tweeting about such an important matter and the way the POTUS does it makes it seem like nothing more than a small, insignificant issue.

But this isn’t an article about the POTUS, so, back to the main issue at hand, it is my opinion that Twitter is one of the most useful social media platforms, but it really has changed the way we view things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Twitter is truly an amazing app. You can keep up to date with news and your friends all in one place; but the way we have integrated social media into our lives, it is almost as if we are misusing the app just to earn a few likes and reshares.

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